Needs-based access control

Continuously clean up permissions, enable multi-cloud privileged access, and improve and accelerate compliance.

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Securing the cloud environment

Trustle uses a unique blend of pragmatic and programmatic approaches to secure cloud systems. To support audit and regulatory requirements, Trustle provides approval workflows. For ongoing access activities, Trustle uses a combination approval status, risk score, and policy to determine the appropriate action. Of course, all of this activity is available as a history for certification and audit.
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Cloud-native provisioning

Traditional provisioning products rely on approval & recertification workflows, which often create more work with little security benefit. Trustle automatically identifies and removes access from cloud systems when not in use, and restores them through simple requests.
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Native integration through APIs

Authorization engines require connected applications to support their proprietary APIs to talk to it. Trustle integrates natively with each cloud system to continuously configure appropriate access for each user account.
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Access when you need it, and for how long you need it

Trustle’s policy-based + self-service model makes getting access simple for authorized users. Here are the steps:
  • System owners build a catalog of resources, specifying the sensitivity of the resource
  • Team members can request access to resources.
  • Depending on policy, a manager or system owner may need to approve the request and (optionally) change the default duration for access.
  • The team member instantly gains access.
  • Trustle removes access after it expires, but the team member can regain access upon request.

Trustle also offers on-call features, so response teams can act with immediacy. Any team member on an on-call list (such as in PagerDuty) can immediately access any system and resource that is approved for that purpose.
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Connect, Compute, Cleanup


Just-in-time access

Easily restore access that you’re already approved for


Automated access removal

Based on time and sensitivity of the resource


Visibility of all accounts and access

Overall Trustle score and drill-downs into access. Recommendations, and risk scores


Audit reporting

Create reports in any format of all the changes and approval chains of accesses to your cloud resources.

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Connect to the systems you use every day

Trustle connects through native APIs to keep your systems current with your access needs. We treat each system as its own particular security space, and we apply best practices, as well.

We spend three months and over $1M on user access certifications every year. With Trustle, our work is significantly reduced.

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