Meet Trustle!Dynamic Permissions for DevSecOps Teams

Keep your cloud teams productive, risk-aligned, and compliant

If you’re responsible for your organization’s cloud and development platforms, you need to keep your teams humming and your platforms protected. Service accounts, test accounts, human accounts across a large number of environments makes managing permissions all but impossible. Trustle gives you complete visibility and control, to safely and efficiently maintain continuous deployment.

"Onboarding new users was a breeze with Trustle - it's magic to see a whole team's common access, and click to provision for new users."
-- Unicorn startup CISO

How our customers use Trustle

Account Cleanup

removal or deactivation

Automated On/Off-boarding

for user's accounts across multiple systems

Organizational Reporting

collection of evidence for audit requirements

Automated Permission Management

automated and manual request / approval workflows

Top security threats facing organizations

Data security, Internal Leaks, Ransomware, Alert fatigue, Compliance, MFA, Talent training and retention, Rapid-software development

Top concerns for CIOs

With today’s cloud platforms, it’s not always easy to know the state of your accounts—both for humans and for services. Who owns what accounts, how are they being used, are they over-permissioned? Are accounts on the system for users who have left the organization?

Trustle takes all the guesswork out of cloud account management with automation, approval workflows, and forensic trails. It even works for on-call teams that need quick access, but then removed after the on-call event.

The cloud-native model for permissions management

Account management from the resource up

Traditional vs Cloud-native IAM

Traditional, federated IAM is a top-down model, where HR and enterprise systems provide identity data to downstream systems. This isn’t sufficient for cloud platforms.

Cloud platforms use their own sophisticated IAM tools to provide services-based, user-less, and shared accounts in addition to human account management. Managing these platforms requires continual monitoring, deep inspection of services, ML-based, automated processes, and constant compliance.

Easy connectivity

Connect new resources within minutes, eliminate deployment and integration headaches and expenses.

Deep visibility

Instantly identify and visualize high risk entitlements, over-provisioned access, and account usage. See usage data on accounts, such as last login and use of AWS services.

Continuous Access Pruning

Real-time automation keeps permissions current with ML-driven analysis and intelligence based on what users actually need today

Automated Compliance

Improve and automate recertification workflows with advanced intelligence that prioritizes and highlights anomalies and problem areas

Holistic Platform

A single solution that offers identity governance and administration, multi-cloud privileged access, and entitlements management, all in one unified platform


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