Tableau is a powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool that allows users to explore and analyze their data using interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs. Tableau customers can ensure responsible use of data on the platform by using Trustle’s integrated access management and governance features.

Trustle w/ Tableau


Our integration with Tableau Cloud enables administrators to view all content on the site, what privileges users have to that content, and what licensing is in effect site-wide. This integration provides numerous possibilities for Trustle system owners to better understand their business and make informed decisions. With the Tableau connector, Trustle admins can:

  • Gain access to critical information about Tableau users and their level of access to content in Tableau
  • Efficiently allocate licenses and review user access with the help of Trustle’s Recommendations Engine
  • Easily manage group memberships and have a full understanding of the permissions associated with each group
At Trustle, we are dedicated to providing our users with the tools they need to better manage and understand their business security. Our integration with Tableau is one example of how we strive to make data analysis more accessible and valuable for our users.


View Site-wide Content

You can view all projects, workbooks, and sheets on your Tableau Site within Trustle, including the privileges assigned to each of resources. As shown in the picture below, Trustle organizes Tableau content in its native hierarchical state.


Hierarchical Content

View Tableau content as it is laid out on the site, with containment in projects and workbooks.

View all Permissions and Roles

For each piece of content, Trustle displays all the available permissions. You can drill down even further to see which users on the Site have—or have requested—the privilege.

Make Content Request-able through Trustle

You can set any piece of content to be visible in Trustle’s catalog, so Trustle users can request access to Tableau content. As with all Trustle resources, access can be set to temporary or just-in-time / on-demand.

View Usage Data and History

Trustle maintains a history of when content in Tableau is accessed and by whom under what privileges. You can view the report by user or by content. You can print out reports to PDF and CSV formats for future reference and for audit activities.

Request Access to Tableau Content

Users can browse the available content on the Tableau site and request access and specify which permissions are desired. Based on users’ Role, Group Memberships, and Permissions, access can be granted through the Trustle connector.
History of access approvals and grants, as well as any usage data are available through the connector’s History tab.

(Note: moving Tableau users from one role to another currently requires a Tableau admin to make the change manually.)

Monitor License Usage in Tableau

Licensing and Roles

In Tableau, each user has a specific role, with all except “Unlicensed User” taking up a license on the site. Using this system, Trustle System Owners and Provisioners and track license usage on their Tableau Sites. Trustle’s recommendation engine also takes into consideration the context of the Tableau role or resource being provisioned. In particular, roles such as Site Admin and Creator are marked as sensitive, so both the approver and Trustle’s workflow policies can have proper context about the request. Similary, Tableau Content Roles, such as Content Owner or Project Leader are treated as medium severity, but Tustle bases recommendations and policies base on the number of users in these roles and other contextual information about the users possessing them.

Note: Trustle currently doesn’t make adjustments to Tableau roles, but will in a future release of this connector. In the meantime, Trustle can manage the approval workflows, but will assign a manual task to a Tableau Administrator to complete the change.

Finding Unused Accounts and Enforcing Security Practices

UTrustle’s Recommendations Engine also helps you find accounts that are licensed, but underutilized or not used at all. You can flag these accounts while you research whether the account is necessary. If the account isn’t needed, you can delete it and save on license count!
Trustle also identifies accounts that require multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSO authentication, and revoking access for users no longer in the system.

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